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Photos from the Wellington New Zealand Two Towers premiere, 18th December 2002.

Warning, photos will take a long time to download.

Assembling the set. An unknown covered thing climbs out over the theatre reaching for the ring.

"Hobbiton Carpet Laying Company"

A crown gathers.

The girls with the sheet were yelling to some friends behind me that they didn't like hobbits and that they just wanted to yell and get on the telly.
Last year the Greens Party offices had an irrifutable sign saying "Hobbits love Greens" although this year it's absent. Become popular and the outsiderTM groups will shun you.

That's nifty.

This is a reader submission. Thanks Quonsar.

To the left is a TV screen camera near the New World sign looking back at crowd.

Guards arrive.

The mayor unveils Golum. Oh no, something went wrong! Half is still covered...

People scamper about behind the scenes to remove the covering.

A blurry awful picture of a centaur. I'm as confused as you are.

The media arrives.

These two girls just above the white line were invited in.

Guests arrive. Jon Toogood is wearing jeans.

Sam Neil, and his wife behind him. I shook his hand.

Mikey Havoc (who was presenting the premiere) talks to the Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

Watching the ad.

Pot-smoking movie reviewer, looking awfully thin here.

Karl Urban.

Mikey Havoc talking to Peter Jackson (both at the left of the blurry picture)

I rubbed his head (but he was offering it to everyone).

Billy Boyd. Now I swear I didn't try and make this guy look small. They're just two weird shots. I can't explain it.

Dominic Monaghan (white jacket) arrives.

Next time I'll try and not to tower over the actors, har, har.

Update 20 May 2003: Golum is removed.

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