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To all New Zealanders

Protecting our heritage, our future...

Before the arrival of , we lived a simple life. Men were men, women were women, and sheep were sheep. Those working in the industry made do, and thought themselves lucky that they could do business without feeling the need to file lawsuits against one another. The arrival of changed everything.

In the near future, our standards body will make a decision that will have a direct impact on the way New Zealanders use now and in the future. The final decision will determine whether to support s, or to let it wither and die before outsourcing the whole operation to Asia at great profit.

This is about far more than – it is about New Zealand.

For the past forty years, most of our business and infrastructure was done between little bitty companies, but now we have our international corporate monopolies to protect. Think of the children, playing in the schoolyard, and our hard-working students, and their communities. Where will they be if we decide to throw in the towel, take our and leave New Zealand to rot?

Despite our previous convictions overseas, we believe having run to our standards will help:

  • Protect our heritage and enable ongoing access to now and in the future.
  • Provide choice about which of our options you can choose.
  • Ensure New Zealand's position in the international marketplace as a customer for all our wonderful products.
  • Foster innovation and enable New Zealand industry to develop new and innovative concepts for markets locally and worldwide.
  • Give confidence that the industry can continue to evolve under the supervision of the appropriate toothless government watchdogs.

Given the sheer volume of our money and its importance to our businesses, communities and families, it is vital that we retain the same level of openness and transparency as in the days of olde.

Being unable to interfere in matters of commerce is a good thing for New Zealand. It means the ownership of will be in the hands of an independent, well recognised international organisation where you can't touch it.

We urge the New Zealand Government to support our vision for the industry; and by doing so provide New Zealand businesses, entrepreneurs, communities and families with greater certainty and fewer confusing choices, and a means to safeguard our future income.

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