A new kind of editor




Latest Chrome or Firefox needed

Doctored.js 1.0


Conal Tuohy "It's looking good! I haven't had a proper look yet though ... it's late, plus I'm drunk"
Gordon Anderson "It's looking good! I haven't had a proper look yet though ... it's early, I just got up, plus I'm drunk"


Doctored.js uses contentEditable, CSS pseudo-elements, and web workers running XMLLint compiled to JavaScript

The core libraries are plain-JavaScript and are about 20kb compressed (100kb uncompressed). The validation libraries are 500kb compressed however because they run in background threads (web workers) they rarely interupt the browser UI

CSS pseudo-elements are used for UI elements within the contentEditable and these are given the appearance of clickable widgets by tracking the mouse position and adjusting the CSS cursor accordingly

Source: Doctored.js @ Github.


About a decade ago I saw the Conglomerate XML editor and I thought the interface was brilliant but it wasn't web-based and, later, the project was abandoned

I always wanted to make an editor that wasn't yet-another-WYSIWYG and when I got the idea of using pseudo-elements within a contentEditable that was what started the process about a year ago

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