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 Europe Travels Bron and Matt's Super Fun Europe Trip 2008

I am getting married to Bronwyn... that's her, over there, with red on her.

Unlike most people my marriage is endorsed by Simon Pegg... the brilliant guy from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz... see?

An autograph from Simon Pegg that reads: Bronwyn Ruth Smith... Will you marry me? Simon Pegg. ps. Matthew will be taking over for the remainder of the marriage.

 Going Back to 'Nam In August 2005 I went to Vietnam.

You wouldn't understand. You weren't there, man.
 Party photos Some party photos.

Update (3/2006) That redhead is now my girlfriend for 5 months. Phwoar.

 Sailing Going sailing across the cook strait.

I took these photos.
 A tale of the sea A story I had to write after seeing an animated gif.
 Climing Trees Here's what I wrote to a friend of mine about this
"I found these photos of people up a tree and it looked like fun so I printed them out and asked lots of people about the buildings in the background. It took about two weeks to get any leads, mostly due to the shitty jpeg compression, and then I spent the day in the botanic gardens looking for the spot (they're big gardens, and every building has four sides, some even more).
 Let's rasterbate

Ahem, "Rasterbations"



Photos from a P-P-P-Party.

Update (6/2004) party as told by emoticons

Update (7/2004) party as told by someone elses photos

P-P-P-Powerbook! and more detail here.


Clothes for a flamingo.

Update (5/2004): thanks for all your submissions. I'm planning to make a suit for him, and to make him look french (stripy top, breadstick, etc.).

 Photos from Return of the King

In December of 2003 was the world premiere for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I got there at 8:30am and stood until 5:30pm and here are the photos I took.

In there are also some photos from the previous Year's Two Towers premiere. People were crowding in and I had to stand for all but ten minutes of it when I crouched. Both years my knees froze up and, later, I could sit in a chair and have my legs straight out without tensing a muscle. This isn't a measure of fan dedication, it's just weird leg stuff.

 DSF Comics

In late 2002 I drew 3 comic strips. I'll draw more but only if you love me more.

I blew it on the 3rd one. The 3rd one sucks. But I like the first two.

Think I know how to fix that 3rd one, too.

Update (01/2004): I use a mouse and scribble freehand drawing various sizes of black and white dots, which means no polygons or paths. There's a saying that drawing with a mouse is like drawing with a brick, and it's true.

 Buy a van. Drive to Auckland.

Never use working titles, you'll just stick with it. Never use working houses, you'll just stick with it.

Update! 4/2003 I wrote this in 2001. Now it's 2003. Things are peachy. That's awfully nice of you but I don't need a place to stay. I'm doing fine!

 Qualities of a Good URL

A by-product of a local review of a council website. The smarty-pants web designer used onmouseover to update an image+imagemap containing a list of sub-topics. The URLs were consistantly over 300 characters long. The colours weren't websafe and photos were saved as GIF. Needless to say, I was pissed.

 Alt Text In Bali

Here's a joke. The attraction of Bali is it's poor economy. Get it?

 WaSP upgrade Users

When I posted this story on Kuro5hin someone remembered a slogan from an old project,

"We've upped our standards... so up yours"

I think that about sums up WaSP's attitude to users.

 Zoomable Desktop

Trying to get my head around a zoomable desktop. Zooey?

 LOGO: Turtle Graphics

LOGO, and a part of that was Turtle Graphics. Developed by Seymour Pappert over 30 years ago. Golly.

 Anime: The Lazy-man's animation

Anime: The Lazy-man's animation.

 Photos from TVP

Photos from a meeting of NZ web gypsies.

These were taken in late 1998.

 Little Stalker Boy

"Of course you may have realised Little Stalker Boy was stalking himself, so the web stalking skills were given to analyse his own site - details in the file names and black on black text that you should have found.  At least click the geocities link"

you have learnt well - Mr Miagi

 Alder's bit of the UniHouse Magazine

we had a gimp

In 1998 I boarded at University House, a dirt cheap alternative to other on-campus plans that didn't allow people to come in after midnight, have parties of more than four people without party supervisor or anything fun.  Segments of U.H. were dubbed clans, my clan was Alder, and this is our section of the end of year magazine.  Riddled with in-jokes and quite possibly only funny if you were there.  NOTE 1: looks a little screwy in v3 browsers and we'll fix that when girls stop touching themselves NOTE 2: Female readers may notice the similarity to the greatest magazine of all time - AP - and not - for example - AP2

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