Minister Simon Power releases revamped Section 92A for review.

Minister Simon Power has released the design for revamped s92A a few minutes ago. The press release reads: "The Cabinet Paper that outlines the basis of new legislation, which will be introduced to Parliament early next year. This follows a review of section 92A of the Copyright Act 1994.

The new process is summarised as...
Right holders will be able to request that internet service providers (ISPs) give alleged infringers notice to stop infringing activity.

The first notice will inform the account holder that infringing has occurred and is illegal. Two further notices may be sent.

If infringing continues after three notices, the right holder may seek a penalty of up to $15,000 at the Copyright Tribunal. The amount will be based on the damage to the copyright owner.

Where serious and continued breaches occur, right holders will be able to go to court to seek a range of remedies, including the suspension of accounts for up to six months.

Account holders will be able to issue counter notices, and can request a hearing if they feel they should not be penalised.

The wording in the press release is a bit odd in that it mixes up alleged infringement with actual copyright infringement. We assume this is just a poor choice of language.

Further analysis to come but these are the main points.